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Creative design with small, thin and deep style. LINNOU lamp's overall minimum size is only Ø 60 * H72mm. LINNOU is named for its compact shape, which saves the hole opening size when installing, effectively solves the problem that the big hole opening on the ceiling may destroy skyline integrity of the space. In addition, the delicate lamps can be lively coordinated with the reflector which has a variety of color. Designers can choose different reflector according to the comprehensive color of ceiling and space, to present both practicability and beauty.

Through the clever and ultra-thin design of adjustable lamps, and the minimum height of lamps is controlled in the range of 75 mm. In satisfying the inside height 80 mm under ceiling, it maximally saves the indoor space. And in view of the small size light's new spring design, under the condition of meet the polarization of 30 degrees, it can effectively solve the problem of installation requirements on thickness 8 ~ 20 mm of ceiling. Design innovation and practicality is presented incisively and vividly in the research and development and application of the LINNOU series downlight.