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Nanjing · China

Project address

218 Longpan Middle Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Project overview

Interior design comes from Yang design group, one of the top 100 hotel design companies selected by interior design, a top magazine in the industry. Interior space is designed around the story of "Ming Palace". Yang tries to reproduce the grand momentum and profound details of Jinling Dizhou. With the grand space narration, the ancient Chinese civilization 600 years ago can be seen everywhere: Song porcelain, jade, Yuhua stone, etc It brings a simple, low-key and luxurious fashion sense to the guests. Business people can also take a "journey through" to enjoy a moment of tranquility, taste and fun in the busy business trip.

The hotel was awarded:
DNA Paris design awards, the prestigious design award of France;
2020 Muse Design Awards Interior Design Hotel platinum gold award;
World Design Awards 2020;
Gold medal of Melbourne Design Awards 2020.