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Forest Villa

Hefei, China

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Project overview

Thailand-based architecture practice HAS Design and Research, founded by the distinguished architects Jenchieh Hung and Kulthida Songkittipakdee, created a contemporary residence that perfectly embodies spirituality. Nestled in Anhui Province, the design of this project drew inspiration from Anhui’s most famous natural landmark, Mount Huangshan. The vision of HAS Design and Research was to craft a timeless living space that seamlessly integrates with nature.


Forest Villa, the final design result, is a dwelling where the architecture mirrors the ethereal quality of a "sea of clouds." The stretching columns of the space instill a profound sense of belonging and evoke a unique ritualistic and spiritual experience. A multitude of openings throughout the structure infuses the space with dynamism, vividness, and a spiritual aura. The continuous visual interplay of overlapping and interactive walls and holes creates a natural silhouette reminiscent of layered clouds, achieving a harmonious and vivid spatial relationship between void and solid.


The architectural and interior design of this masterpiece is credited to Hung And Songkittipakdee / HAS Design and Research, with photography credit to Fangfang Tian.

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