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VF debut in Chinese high-quality residential design summit forum

On June 15-16, 2017, GBE Anqing held the 5th “High Quality Residential Design Summit Forum” at Shanghai Hongqiao Marriott Hotel, from domestic and foreign real estate developers, architectural design, urban planning, building technology and other fields. More than 200 senior industry professionals gathered to discuss how to create the most beautiful living environment.

As a lighting brand focusing on high-end hotels, residences and clubs, VF Lighting is the fourth time to appear in the GBE Forum. Around this theme, VF Lighting is using the real scene to present the high-quality home lighting environment for the guests. CEO Yang Liang In the speech session, Mr. shared the VF's high-quality home lighting concept with the theme of “warm created with light”.

Guests shared with the meeting

Professor Zhang Weiwen, dean of the Department of Urban Development and Management of Zhejiang University School of Public Administration and Vice President of China New Urbanization Research Institute of Zhejiang University, gave an opening speech. Mr. Jiang Xiaogang, deputy chief architect and vice president of Southern Design, brought The keynote speech on "High Integration of Social Forms and Physical Forms - Discussion on Planning and Design of Practical Towns and Practical Experiences". Comrade Zhang Bin, the party comrade of Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, also came to the forum and made a keynote speech on “Thinking and Practice of Characteristic Towns”.

Mr. Yang Zhiqiang, a partner and deputy chief architect of gad Qingdao, a subsidiary of Greentown, elaborated on the “Building of the Ideal Town of Greentown” with several examples of the Greentown classic town. Mr. Song Xiaopeng, Design Director of Ocean Shipping Design and Research Institute, made a detailed discussion on “Exploration and Practice of Oceanic Green Healthy Town”. Mr. Xiao Wei, the vice president of the CITIC Architectural Design and Research Institute, shared the “development model of Hubei's characteristic towns” in a vivid way. Mr. Dong Xiaojiang, the chief planner, chief architect and deputy general manager of the domestic industrial real estate planning expert ASR, brought the “share of characteristic towns and industrial real estate from an industrial perspective”.

Mr. Zhao Jun, the Chinese industrial real estate research expert and the dean of the first industrial research institute of Huaxia Happiness, gave a speech on “Industry Planning and Industrial Planning of Characteristic Towns”. Mr. Wang Maolin, the chief planner and deputy general manager of Singapore CPG Xinyiyuan, brought the “Case Analysis of Industrial Town Planning and Design” to everyone. Wang always elaborated the planning trend of the industrial town with two practical cases. From the perspective of tourism, Ms. Guo Haiyang, executive general manager of China's top tourism real estate information company, Ke Ruirui, has shared the opportunity and pain points of “characteristic towns”.

Dr. Lu Jiannan, a senior economist at the Shanghai Development and Reform Institute, shared the “Policy Thoughts and Typical Case Studies of Shanghai's Promotion of Characteristic Towns” according to local conditions. Dr. Xiong Wei, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, brought together PPP content that everyone is very concerned about and shared the “PPP model of a sustainable development-oriented town”. Mr. Guo Dong, the founder and chief designer of Shiji Landscape, brought the landscape that he should have in his special town to the guests present. Guo Zong proposed that “the town can have a lot of scenery”.

VF sharing: warmth created with light

Mr. Yang Liang, CEO of VF Lighting, shares the concept of high quality home lighting

Speech background

In recent years, ordinary residential lighting that only illuminates the space and does not consider the function of the home space is far from satisfying the high-quality lifestyle that we are pursuing today, as well as the aesthetic needs of high-grade.

As the sole lighting supplier of Art Residence by Armani Casa, VF Lighting investigated the current situation of China's home lighting market and proposed thinking and understanding of home lighting.

The family is the warmest habitat, the most secure harbor, and the most important place for family members to communicate with each other. Although the space of the home is small, the function is very rich. The elders, couples, and children will do different things in different spaces, at different times, and the functional requirements and complexity are comparable to those of the hotel.

Therefore, the comfort and pleasure of lighting, as well as the beauty and rhythm of space are very important. Comfort, happiness, and health are the psychological feelings that family lighting needs to bring. Behavioral comfort, well-being, spiritual warmth, happiness, softness and health of touch, and visual accessibility should allow such relaxation and warmth to spread in the home space.

In the speech, General Manager Yang Liang shared the 6-point principle of residential lighting:

1, the brightness of the facade
Commonly used home lighting is to install a light strip on the ceiling, the ceiling is very bright, but there is no light on the facade, which means that there is no brightness in the place where the visual stays and space gives people a feeling of darkness. Vertical lighting can create an orderly space with a sense of sequence, outline the building, and improve the overall brightness of the space without glare, making the space more comfortable.

2, the comparison of color temperature
The contrast of color temperature and warmth can clearly define the space division. Commonly used color temperatures are 2700K, 3000K and 3500K. In-home lighting, it is recommended to use a color temperature of 3000K, 2700K is too warm for the south, 3500K lacks a sense of warmth, so the color temperature of 3000K can just create the warmth and comfort of the home.

3, comfortable shadow
Japan attaches importance to the shadow and emphasizes the relationship between light and shadow. In the family space, in a comfortable lighting environment, too uniform brightness distribution will also make the line of sight fatigue, appropriate light and shadow contrast, can enhance the level of space, make the home space more interesting and interesting.

4, avoid glare
Glare is ubiquitous, it interferes with the line of sight and affects your health. Ordinary home lighting does not pay attention to the effective use of lamps, emphasizing the bright and efficient lighting environment, which is a kind of damage to the visual. For example, direct glare caused by poor quality downlights will directly harm the human eye, while indirect glare, such as the light reflected on the reflective ground, will cause visual discomfort and lack of high-grade space.

5, high color rendering
The criterion for judging the color rendering is to look at the Ra value and the R9 value for the red reduction power.
Ra>90, the light source with R9 greater than 50 can make the skin color of Asian people more natural and rosy, while the state of CRI 80, the general lamp with R9>0, is very weak to the color reproduction ability of the object.

6, the change of the scene
Sunrise and sunsets, people's life rules are affected by natural light, to build appropriate lighting scenes, different modes of lighting to meet the needs of different types of activities, so that after work, more comfortable and relaxed.

In the display area of VF Lighting, it is also the concept of home lighting that is passed on to the guests. The lighting is related to the activities and functions of the space, and the light environment effect of different lighting modes is presented for everyone. Not only to meet the needs of lighting, but also to adjust the lighting according to the needs of the space activities and function settings, so that the home lighting adapts to different atmospheres. This kind of display has also been well received by the guests.

MODE 1: Meeting

The Mizar series of wall washers provide soft indirect lighting, providing a comfortable brightness tone for the overall space. The decorative paintings, bookcases, side tables and armchairs are lit up in layers, which activates the space atmosphere and makes the meeting mode easy. comfortable.

MODE 2: Reading

The focus of lighting is on the armchair and the side table, and the surrounding environment is selectively illuminated, which is not only the decoration of the space, but also the concentrated brightness of the position of the armchair, avoiding the excessive contrast between light and dark for reading. Uncomfortable.

MODE 3 : Meditation

The brightness is concentrated on the small side table, and the Mizar wall washer that only turns on 20% brightness provides a soft ambient lighting for the space. The 20% brightness of the decorative painting and the bookcase lighting use the VF2017 new lighting Ruyi, low The environment of brightness and low illumination makes people more focused on the state of self-meditation.

MODE 4 : Cleaning

Two APLS 10W low-power luminaires can illuminate the entire space to meet the needs of the cleanroom.

7, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain
Nowadays, wood and gypsum board for interior decoration need to be ash, and the maintenance of the lamp will destroy the beauty of the ceiling. Therefore, the VF luminaire is equipped with an easy-to-install and adaptive adaptive ceiling mounting system, which can effectively protect the ceiling from being damaged during the maintenance of the luminaire. The life of LED downlights is very long, the efficiency of lamps is very high, and the stable heat dissipation performance of VF lamps ensures the service life of lamps.

High-quality home lighting should incorporate the above details into every space to make light add color to the home.

Guest exchange

The two-day forum, thanks to all the guests for their support of VF Lighting, and every communication with you, allows us to better understand the needs of our customers and designers, so that we can make the light better.

It is our pursuit to let VF products serve every high quality space.

Behind every event, the VF team's small partners work together, all night, and work together to finally present our products and ideas.

It is our love for light, let us persist in this way, and we will do better in the future.