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2019 PLDC x VF Eastern Aesthetics of Light

In 2019, the 8th Professional Lighting Design Forum (PLDC) was held in Rotterdam from October 24th to 26th. As an event support brand, VISUAL FEAST has the privilege of contributing a beam of light to PLDC.

Flying through the paper window,
Blowing back to the river due to the wind.
Walking in the ink painting.

(quoted in the Song Dynasty poet Li Hong Huan Xi Sha)

VISUAL FEAST's booth uses Chinese ink and washes elements to express the beauty of light and shadow in the East.

Well-designed and furnished site by VF's friends

The linear light source LINA II 2400-3500K changes from cold and warm, from near to far, shaping the mountains and clouds in Chinese ink painting, echoing each other, adding a visually rhythmic and rhythmic light. The indirect lighting method allows the light to be gently distributed in the space, making the background façade stand out. The 9D MASTER series precisely illuminates the luminaires on the display pedestal. The combination of accent lighting and indirect lighting creates an orderly and contoured order space.

In the modern and new oriental conception, the light of the MIZAR line light is faintly combined with the fascinating clouds and soft lines, which radiate a far-reaching artistic conception, rich and delicate. In simplicity, there is the beauty of the oriental charm, which brings a sense of fashion in the taste, and leads to the theme of the exhibition - "Eastern aesthetics of light".

Through the perfect integration of technology and art

VF brings new products to the show
To friends in the lighting industry from all over the world
Showing the light and shadow aesthetics from the East
The comfort space brought by the ultimate light and shadow

Passing the brand declaration of "space carved with light"

The design of the booth is based on white as the main tone, which is derived from the unique “white space” concept of oriental painting.  To let customers feel the light and shadow experience better, the products are displayed through the scene display area, which allows visitors to more intuitively understand the performance of VF products and the unique charm of their optical art.

ROMAN wall-mounted integrated light type, derived from the integrated design concept of building lighting, can easily achieve comfortable indirect lighting needs without ceiling or slot.

At the scene, VF exhibited a new product in all directions - ROMAN 
Create a lighting scene display area for everyone

As one of the sponsors of the PLDC conference, VF's "Eastern Aesthetics of Light" design concept and technical creation have received wide attention from visitors.

Comprehend the contrast and the artistic conception and subtlety of each other.

Let the guests have "infinite meaning, unlimited love."

The on-site visitors were in a constant stream, attracting many experts, scholars and designers from the lighting industry in Europe to come to consult and negotiate. At the same time, VF's friends also fully experienced the rigorous attitude and beauty pursuit from the European lighting industry.

"Our eyes are born to see shapes in the light. Light and shadows show these shapes. Light shows these basic shapes, cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders, or pyramids. They look unique and tangible. Light is the reason why these forms are the most beautiful." - Le Corbusier

VF's product design uses high-quality technology, cutting-edge craftsmanship and materials to create high-quality light. The pursuit and definition of beauty will change with the times, but what remains unchanged is our superior quality.