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VF MARS Products are launched in Shanghai firstly

We hope to light our dreams with light;

Our dream is to provide the highest quality light environment for every space.

Thank you for dreaming

As a domestic independent lighting brand with innovation spirit as its core, VF Lighting unswervingly makes the most professional lighting. Whether it is the selection of parts, technology research and development, quality control, or after-sales service, we are striving to achieve every step. the best.

In the five years since the establishment of the VF brand, we have been meticulous, we have renewed ourselves and we have continued to break through. VF's product line is from scratch, from small to full, until 2017, Master, Alps, Ruyi, Silk four new series, to use the highest quality lamps to light the world, every VF people are fighting for it.

On May 23, 2017, the exciting moment, our VF spacecraft, led by Mr. Captain Yang Liang, finally succeeded in opening the first step towards becoming a world-class professional brand. On this road, we will continue to move forward unswervingly, and we hope that you can witness our growth.


At the press conference, CEO Yang Liang gave a detailed introduction to VF Lighting's 2017 new series Master, Alps, Ruyi, Silk.

The release of this new product, with the mastery of craftsmanship, the wisdom of wisdom, the possibility of change, the pursuit of the essence of the Rubik's Cube, symbolizes the labyrinth of constantly trying to find a breakthrough, the image of the main character of the conference, symbolizing the spirit of the brand of VF - ingenuity Process, innovation breakthrough, high quality light is consistent.

The four new products of this time are Master, Alps, Ruyi, Silk, and the initials of the initials form Mars (Mars). The Mars Plan is an important step for human exploration of the universe. Although it is difficult,  scientists are not determined. Shift, as VF Lighting's goal - to become a world-class professional lighting brand, although the road ahead is long,  we will fight for it, do not give up.


The most eye-catching MASTER series at the press conference was dexterous and varied, providing a new lighting design solution for interior spaces.

The compact box covers a wide range of luminaires that can be combined at will, as well as a variety of optical engines and optical accessories that can be replaced. Depending on the needs of the different functional spaces, designers can choose power, beam angle, color temperature, and even COB integrated light source or MR16 light source.

With the clear "beep" sound, each part of the component is combined with a perfect luminaire structure, from square to round, from narrow side to no edge, can be used for a variety of indoor space design. Among them, the square lamps, the most creative and infinite splicing function, can add flexible wings to the designer's unconstrained creativity.


The ALPS series is the combination of the VF R&D team and European lighting experts, providing the best choice for ambient lighting.

3M layer high standard space to 8M layer high large scale space, ALPS has matching product specifications. In the case of ALPS (CRI80), the highest luminaire efficiency is (108LM/W) and the minimum UGR is only (15.9).

The fast mounting screw with adaptive ceiling thickness protects the ceiling structure and facilitates later maintenance. ALPS achieves a good harmony between lamp efficiency, light quality, visual comfort, lamp installation and maintenance, and industrial design. It is a model of new technologies for basic lighting fixtures.


RUYI's smooth and perfect industrial design arc makes the lamp body equipped with VF Lighting's third-generation optics more compact and harmonious. The flexible light engine can adjust the power, color temperature and light distribution angle. It can also replace the COB integrated light source and MR16 light source. The rich light distribution from 8° to 38° makes the application field of RUYI more. For the vast.

9 magnetic facets with different optical accessories for quick and easy switching between different light functions. From ambient lighting to accent lighting, to fixed polarized wall washing, you can also choose different round and square covers according to the interior design style. It is easy to realize the designer's flexible demand for lighting and interior modeling, so that the light can be changed as the mind changes.


As the masterpiece of the world-class professional lighting brand, from the core components to the industrial design, all the self-developed SILK series of wall washers, like its name "Silk", are famous from the world.

SILK's small-sized wall washers are designed for low-rise spaces up to 3.5M in height, which fills the gap in the small size of indoor embedded professional wall washers, providing a perfect choice for low-rise wall-washing. . SILK's small-sized wall washer has a hole diameter of only 75mm, a height of only 65mm and a maximum power of 15W. Although the light exit opening of the lamp is small, a large angle of asymmetric wall washing is realized.

The light that SILK sprinkles is warm and delicate, bright and silky, top to bottom, evenly washing the entire wall. Reasonable and accurate light distribution also concentrates the high-brightness area on the upper part of the wall, which is in line with the exhibition space of the exhibition hall.

grateful to have you

During the growth of VF Lighting, I would like to thank every owner, designer, engineer and all partners who have brought us valuable opinions to VF, and you are constantly making constructive comments to let VF Lighting The luminaires are able to continually innovate. It is your affirmation that has always given us the momentum to move forward and become more stable.

Mr. Sun Fensheng, Vice President of Project Engineering, Langham Hotels Group, Ms. Wang Xinyan, President of Mengtai Interior Design, Mr. Shi Hengzhao, Mr. Shi Hengzhao, Mr. Liang Wei, Dean of the Eighth Design Institute of Jinhao Building Decoration Co., Ltd., Kaide Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Enming, Mr. Hu Guojian from KGM Lighting Design, Mr. Hu Yankai from Shenzhen Handu Lighting Design, Associate Professor Lin Hong and Yang Yiding from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Dr. Yang Xiu from Shanghai Tongji University Lighting Institute, etc. This time, the new product conference, thanks to VF's old and new friends For our event, we gathered in Shanghai 1933.

Associate Professor Yang Yiding from the School of Architecture and Art Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, as the host of the conference, shared his feelings about light from the perspective of architecture.

Mr. Sun Fensheng, Vice President of Project Engineering, Langham Hotels Group, shares his understanding of light.

Ms. Wang Xinyan, President of Mengtai Interior Design, shares the lights and light in the interior design.

Thanks for having love

Thanks to every small partner of VF, because we have the same dream, we work together for VF Lighting, for every light that shines in the space.

In the future, we invite you to work with VF to create a more comfortable and beautiful light environment.