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VF unveiled at GBE China Luxury Hotel & Resort Design Summit Forum

On April 6-7, 2017, GBE Anqing held the 8th “China Luxury Hotel and Resort Design Summit Forum” at Shanghai Greenland Marriott Hotel, from first-tier hotel developers, architectural design, hotel management, and building technology. More than 200 senior industry insiders gathered in the field to exchange and discuss the theme of "luxury hotel personality and feelings".

As a lighting brand focusing on high-end hotels, clubs and residential high-quality lighting, VF Lighting also appeared in the forum.

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This forum is the eighth consecutive time that GBE has focused on high-end hotels and resorts. The theme of this year is “The personality and sentiment of luxury hotels”. 20 experts from the field of hotel design and management brought the audience to the audience. The latest luxury hotel management and design concept. The hotel's developers, operators and designers discuss how to grasp technology and personality, bringing new life to the hotel industry for the next decade.

The forum was delivered by the chairman of the conference, Mr. Liu Weili, the founder of He Zuo CO.W, and announced the opening:

Mr. Zhao Huanqi, Chief Knowledge Officer of Huamei Consulting

Sharing the "hotel personality and feelings" from the perspective of experienced hotel industry analysts

Mr. Li Jun, Vice President of Diaoyutai MGM Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Brought the keynote speech of "Hotel Brand: The Guiding Power of Hotel Design".

Mr. Wei Li, Founder and Executive Director of Bangtai Hotel Group

Taking the Tianmu Lake WEI Hotel as a case, it elaborates on its pursuit of ultimate luxury.

Ms. Wu Min, Vice President, Development, Construction and Project Management, ClubMed Greater China

The design experience of the personalized parent-child hotel has been carefully shared with everyone.

Mr. Wang Jianwei, General Manager of Banyan Tree Group China Design Planning

Share the personality and feelings of the hotel design in a lively and interesting way

Deqing Cuiyu Investment Chairman Huang Wei

Brought his valuable experience in the location of the boutique B&B.

Mr. Redseas, Managing Director of Wanda Hotels & Resorts East China

Take Shanghai Wanda Ruihua Hotel as a case to guide you through an art and luxury journey.

This forum also attracted many domestic and foreign architectural masters to come and join:

Hank Byma, President of Smith Group JJR China, the oldest in the United States, and Ms. Xuan Lei, 

Director of the International Cultural Cooperation Department of the Legend Culture Development Group

Together, they shared the planning and design concept of Changbai Mountain National Park Center.

Mr. Li Bairuo, Chairman of Australian DBI Architects

Bringing "Poetic Places: Exploration of Architectural Conception in the Context of Globalization"

Mr. Sun Fensheng, Vice President of Langham Hotels Group

Focusing on the bar design of a luxury hotel, bringing you experience in bar audio-visual and lighting design

Professor of Architecture at Harvard University, Mr. Eluhan, Chairman of ZNA Zebeck Architects

Taking the latest force as the Haitang Bay Mangrove Project as an example, bringing keen elegance to everyone

Designer of Zhujiajiao Anzhen Hotel, Mr. Feng Zhijun of Geisha Architectural Design

Starting from the renovation of old buildings, taking everyone to “explore history and find dreams”

The designer of Lushan Shenkeng Hotel is from Mr. Ma Yuwen from Regreen Building Consulting + Shenkeng Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Bringing “Respect for Nature in the Development of Resorts – Designing Environmentally Sensitive Resorts”

As the third cooperation with the gbe forum, VF in this forum, in addition to the display of the indoor lighting application of the signature lighting series, the new customer director Ms. Wang Wei also shared the VF concept of the use of light, and the pursuit of high-quality light.

Ms. Wang Wei, the director of the big client, gave a speech at the forum on the "sentiment of light"

Guest exchange

The exhibition area of the forum, the guests visited the brand hotel application products

During the forum, the attendees at the VF booth visited the conference, and VF's exquisite lighting products and excellent light quality were recognized by the guests.

Li Xuerong, Marketing Manager, introduced the lamps for Ms. Chen Youyou, Director of Engineering Department of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Grand Account Director Wang Wei introduced the Magic series of lamps to Ms. Mei Ping, the chief representative of Jia Peile Hotel Group in China.

Marketing Specialist Yan Feng Shows Dimming Effect to Mr. Shi Yibing from Wyndham Hotel Group

Sales Manager Wang Bingfeng explains the dark light technology for Ms. Shen Yu, InterContinental Hotels Group

Grand Account Director Wang Wei introduced the lighting installation details for Mr. Liu Rui of InterContinental Hotels Group

Ms. Ma Jia, CLUB MED Travel Resort Group, exchanges business cards with Wang Hao, Director of Key Accounts

Lighting display

In this forum, VF brought Magic, IF, Mizar and other star products to demonstrate the 8°, 15° beam angle precision projection, seamless tiling dimmable wall washing, black light reflection and other technologies.

VF Lighting booth

The wall washers with uniform light have been well received by the guests.

The dark light technology of the Magic series demonstrates the superior quality of VF lamps

Seamlessly splicing the wall to perfectly show the delicate texture of the wall and the screen. 

The 40W Mizar series luminaire can achieve a wall washing effect of up to 10m.

The lamps themselves are also artworks, and VF treats each lamp with care.

About VF

As a high-end hotel, clubhouse and residential lighting supplier, VF Lighting was established in 2009, focusing on high-quality lighting research and development, using the most accurate and elegant light to create the most intimate hotel indoor light environment.


VF insists on originality. So far, 21 utility model patents and 21 appearance patents and 2 invention patents have been awarded. VF's lighting products have provided services to more than 200 high-end indoor spaces nationwide, such as Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt. The key components of VF lighting products come from internationally renowned brand companies, while team design and development also brings together experienced experts and consultants from Europe and Japan.


In this era of rapid consumption, the pursuit of beauty and taste will continue to change. However, high-quality light is always the pursuit of VF. Creative, high-quality and elegant light is the most persistent insistence of VF.

VF Lighting is dedicated to providing the most professional lighting services for every project.