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The humanistic "light" of Shanghais first WELL certified office space

The "force" that a seed may emit is simply beyond everything
-"The Power of Seeds"

LONGFOR Easy Work space on Tianjie, Minhang is the first office space in Shanghai that was awarded WELL Gold certification. It is also a medium-sized fully-equipped co-working space in the South Minhang area. The space is matched through the design of multiple dimensions such as air, water, light, comfort, and psychology, and the growth posture of each "seed" uses space to nurture dreams. VF provides office lighting solutions and lighting products for this project, and strives to use light to create a relaxed office environment.

The design team of LONGFOR Easy Work space takes "seeds" as creative inspiration, and cleverly integrates rich natural elements such as trees, mountains, forests, running water, and wheat fields. By emphasizing the design concept of "natural ecosystem", the design team wishes the entrepreneurs could be like seeds, with vigorous vitality and the ability to break through the soil. 

Light and human interaction
Create a WELL certified healthy light environment

 WELL's light concept promotes people's exposure to light, and aims to create a light environment that is most conducive to visual, psychological and physical health. Therefore, the WELL building standard puts forward requirements for lighting fixtures, and the evaluation criteria include illuminance, glare, color rendering and so on. The most important feature of the WELL standard is "human-oriented", so the individual's own feeling and state, as well as the design and use of light also affect comfort level and people's mental state to a certain extent.

Light is an important language of interior design. The overall light collocation and use in the space must not only meet the needs of different use properties of the local space, but also maintain a sense of balance of light as a whole.

The design and use of lighting fixtures can reduce the interference to circadian rhythm, improve productivity and provide suitable visual acuity where needed. A good brightness level helps make the office space appear spacious and enhance the visual appeal of the illuminated space. The directional task lighting can provide sufficient light intensity in the office area without over-illuminating the auxiliary areas.

The lighting strategy that combines daylight and artificial light focuses on people's health, as well as the traditional requirements for visual acuity and comfort, which can create a healthy environment that benefits for work efficiency. The core soul of WELL is the pursuit of overall environmental comfort level, and light has an important influence on creating a comfortable indoor environment.

Take light into the "seed" space,
Presents the beauty of blank.

First Floor Main Lobby

Front Desk

The wall has its unique wave-shaped texture, interprets the poetry of "the wind blowing wheat waves"; above the "wheat waves", the "sunlight" is simulated by the VF 3000K Φ100*280mm 12W 48D GRACE downlights, and the light fall down from the ceiling on the third floor, adds a sense of light and shadow, and also increases the interactivity of the space between the first and third floors.

 The clean and bright light presents the beauty of the white space of "empty and all-world", as if this inclusive land can give "seeds" infinite possibilities; the suspended abstract seed art installation becomes the finishing touch under the pure background.

Spiral Staircase

Every small seed may become a big tree stretching to the sky. The 3000K LINA II soft light strips are embedded in the stair track. The modern lines are integrated with the tree-shaped spiral staircase rising from the ground, winding upwards, passing through three floors, and glowing with vigorous vitality. The 3000K Φ75mm 10W 36D customized downlights arranged on the ceiling make the area simple and bright, the light environment is uniform and comfortable, and the artistic stairs are placed in the visual focus of the space.

Reception Room on the 1st Floor

The soft decoration colors of the public area on the first floor blend like water, spring green, harvest yellow, plum red... The life evolution history of the "seeds" is full of the beautiful hopes of the design team for entrepreneurs to flourish. The ceiling-mounted VF 3000K Φ100*280mm 12W 48D GRACE series downlight has excellent anti-glare effect, can minimize the visual discomfort caused by artificial lighting, and meet the lighting standards of this WELL certification. The layered light provides a comfortable light environment for creating a relaxed communication atmosphere, and creates a perceptual temperature that connects people and space.

The embedded installation of 20W 3000K KLEE series linear lights perfectly maintains the collocation of shape and space style, which adds the interest of the space. The high color rendering quality of the light can provide users with appropriate lighting, meet the WELL certification visual balance conditions, and a bright and uniform lighting environment, which improves people's visual comfort and work efficiency, as well as the comfort of space perception.

As the American architect Sullivan said, "Form comes from function." The spatial expression form presented by the LONGFOR Easy Work space, as well as the artistic beauty, humanistic care, and environmental protection concepts integrated into it, are all based on the diverse office needs of modern people.

This is in line with VF's mission of " Improve the human settlements,and add value for users through light.". With the Concept of human-oriented lighting, everyone in the workplace could have a brand-new experience different from the traditional work style in a contrasting light environment. Through this space, I believe that more and more "seeds" will take root, germinate, shoot branches, and flourish, reaching the ideal future step by step.

Project Information
Project Name: LONGFOR Easy Work (Tianjie, Minhang District)
Location: No.2, 1000 Jianchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Lighting Design: LEOX Design Partnership (Shanghai)
Inclusive Lighting: GRACE/KLEE/LINA II
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