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“ New Country Window” in the light and shadow of VF

Taken as the world’s seventh new miracle---Beijing Da Xing International Airport is the New Country Window. The Kapok hotel which located in the north phoenix, officially opened on Nov14th. This hotel is the No.12 hotel of China Resources Land Center and also the only five-star luxury hotel inside Da Xing International airport. 

The interior design is operated by Rui Xian, Chen---the contemporary architectural aesthetics master, with the aim of building a traveler study of the New Country Window, it merges traditional aesthetics with contemporary space design concept, and creates a high-end hotel brand with an international vision, also as a window to promote the advanced culture of Beijing and China. VF supplied the professional lighting products and service and brought an elegant &warm living experience for all the guests. 

The hotel is full of simple linear design and classic factors, which creates an elegant and advanced visual feeling and artistic atmosphere. The IF series downlight of 10W 2700K 25D not only offers comfort light which allows thee guests to experience the connotation and texture of chinese traditional architecture from cultural space and Annatto, also the concept and trend of contemporary decoration from streamline shape, mottled light and shadow.

Cultural and creative space

The hotel has a cultural and creative space of 2500 square meters with a strong retro and cultural atmosphere which makes one can enjoy the slow-pace life. The IF series downlights of 8W 2700K 36D recessed in the ceiling brought a leisure space atmosphere and it is really an ideal place for the reader. 

The LINNOU series downlight of 7W 2700K 36D installed on the ceiling creates a quality and elegant life with the tranquil light. Here you will meet with million stories and enjoy a sweet time of reading and reflection.  

Conference /banquet room

There is more than 2400m2 conference and banquet room space in the hotel, and the silk series downlight of 10W 2700K installed on the ceiling not only enrich the sense of spatial hierarchy by wall washing effect, but also improves the spatial brightness by soft light, and it also integrates the simplicity of contemporary design with Chinese traditional culture perfectly.  


As accent lighting, the silk series wall-washing downlight of 10W 2700K and Mizar linear series of 25W 2700K 23° improve the visional hierarchy from side and up by the even and soft light, also it can guide the guests with luminaire itself. 

Guest Room

There are 470 guest rooms and suite in the hotel, and IF series downlight of 8W 2700K applied on the ceiling above the sofa can both meet the needs of basic light and accent lighting of some section, which also creates a delicate atmosphere by integration of traditional aesthetics and contemporary factors. Together with the additional decorative lighting, a comfortable and warm atmosphere is achieved and all the guests just feel like at home full of coziness. 

Far away from city noises,
Touch the soft book with gentle music,
Aesthetics and poetry goes together.
In a floating environment,
Enjoy tranquility among the booming noises,
and start a travel of mind in the interval of life.  

Project info
Name:    Kapok hotel in Beijing Da Xing International Airport
Location:  Junction area of Da Xing district, Beijing and Lang Fang city, Hebei
Architecture Design: LEAD8
Interior Design: Chen Rui Xian Design
Lighting consultant: Tino Kwan Lighting Consultants Ltd.