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The Asias largest WELL NEI platinum certified office space

Based on the “health” brand concept of Sino-Ocean Group, the office model which combines the highest level of WELL Platinum as the standard. It is also the largest WELL NEI Platinum certified office space in Asia. The lighting design for this renovation was undertaken by the Beijing Band Lighting Design Team. VF provided lighting solutions for this project to highlight the perfect combination of design concepts and architectural functions. The lighting fixtures used give each area a unique personality, while creating continuity between different environments, creating a comfortable, bright and efficient working environment.

Vision Corridor

In the “Internet celebrity” space scattered in high and low, the 20W 3500K KLEE series trimless linear lights outline the movement of the corridor, and the 10W 3500K SILK series wall washer lights illuminate the green plants and bring vitality to the space.

Open Main Office Area

Ring Corridor Area

The large open office area is an important assessed place for this WELL platinum certification. On one hand, the lighting design must strictly implement the lighting indicators of the WELL platinum certification, on the other hand it is necessary to take into account the beauty and comfort of the ceiling.

The ring corridor is the public area that connects each department. The lighting designer chose the 3500K KLEE series of specific curved linear lights to run through the entire circular corridor. The KLEE's continuous high-quality light performance without dark areas, while meeting the illuminance of the corridor, while also taking into account the lighting effect of the space facade, building the space into a beautiful scenery corridor.

Leader’s Office Area

An appropriate brightness ratio is a key consideration for independent office lighting. The working area and the reception area have different requirements for lighting. One is high-efficiency countertop lighting, and the other is ambience light suitable for interaction.
In the tea table area, the 15D MASTER series downlights are used to illuminate the surface of table and seats. The details are illuminated, combined with floor lights and other decorative lights. The layered light relieves the monotony of the space and provides a comfortable light environment for relaxed communication atmosphere..

Meeting Room

The meeting room lighting needs to avoid inappropriate shadows and contrast between light and dark. Combined with the ceiling structure, the customized linear light is used to meet the basic lighting and also as a space ceiling decoration, creating a humane suitability to bring an open and pleasant feeling. At the same time, work efficiency can be improved.

Rest Area

The 56D 3500K MINI FOLLO series track lights on the ceiling are combined with natural lighting to restore the color of the space with high color rendering, allowing employees to relax from hearts when they rest.

Rest Room

The 12W 3500K 35D IF series installed in the ceiling of the rest room brings comfortable and uniform lighting to the space.

The role of lighting in the architectural environment is increasing day by day, and the theory of green lighting is constantly being practiced in the field of lighting design. The headquarters of Sino-Ocean Group is an office space with open sharing, healthy&green, and human experience. The luminaires provide comfortable light for the space and realizes the harmonious operation between people, environment and architecture.

Project Information
Project:WELL Platinum Certification Project of Headquarters of Sino-Ocean Group
Location:Ocean International Center, No.56, Middle Road of East 4th Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PRC
Architect:China Architecture Design & Research Group, Sino-Ocean Architecture Design Institute
Light Design:Beijing Band Lighting Design Co., LTD
Date of Completion: December, 2020
Copyright of Photos: Beijing Band Lighting Design Co., LTD