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The worlds 101st Ritz-Carlton

The world’s 101st  Ritz-Carlton makes its first appearance in Jiangsu city and this is also the only ultra-luxury hotel in Nanjing. It has opened on June 28th, 2020. 

As one of the four ancient capitals in china, Nanjing is well-known for its history as capital city of six dynasties and metropolis of ten dynasties. Ritz-Carlton is located in Nanjing city, which combines historical city essence and vitality and display a delicate and harmonious glamour of time for guests.  

The inner design combines oriental aesthetics and western classic style, merging the five elements“gold/wood/water/fire/earth”of Chinese traditional culture, which is displayed by different architecture material, decoration and artworks. The customer will feel like he is in his own gorgeous villa. Artworks specially picked by masters create a graceful atmosphere, together with worldwide famous Ritz service, and a leisurely space above the bustling city has been constructed. 

A corner oasis in the downtown area of Jinling
Light, reshape historical classics

High pitched lobby


Ritz-Carlton combines the traditional grace and luxury with the Zen-like tranquility of the ancient city courtyard. The entrance is sheltered by a huge canopy. The double crystal glass panels of the canopy are embedded with crystal beads of different colors. At night, in the 2700K MAGIC series Under the illumination of the light, the entrance of the majestic hotel is quiet and charming. The warm halo puts a gentle coat on the building, so that travelers who come to take a rest will instantly take off guard.

welcome lobby

The welcome lobby on the first floor has ample daylight and a super-high empty lobby, which provides ample space for the display of two giant contemporary sculptures, and also paves the way for the theme of the hotel's "Contemporary Art Gallery". The IF series set on the top of the ceiling, with a soft halo, blends warm colors into the deep and steady interior tone, leaving behind the complexity of the outside world, and the warmth and security of Ritz-Carlton is also fully displayed.

East and West blend, collector's living room
Light, shaping the beauty of elegance

High pitched lobby


The high pitched lobby is located on 38th floor and in order to express the respect of customer privacy and dining experience, the first sight is the lobby when entering the high pitched lobby. Its design follows the combination of Chinese and Western styles, from exquisite tic-tac-toe ceilings to lines The smooth western furniture, to the collections and books that combine Chinese and Western styles, all express a kind of fusion. The use of 2400K LINA II soft light strips and warm-toned lighting make the displayed bookcases look like independent small rooms, allowing users to see the charm of book wine culture in their leisure time.  

The lobby bar with an oriental charm is like the living room of a private residence. The 2700K IF series decorated in the ceiling, the soft light enriches the spatial hierarchy, allowing guests to leisurely enjoy afternoon tea in the afternoon and classic cocktails at night, feasting on the urban neon, and enjoying the light in the clouds.

Reception area

The junction of the two dining spaces is the front desk. Two large counters are lined up along the landscape window. Between the two is a column embedded with Chen Qi's "Wormhole" series. The 2700K IF series installed in the ceiling, through the hint of the direction of the light source, guides the guests, and at the same time meets the work needs of the service desk. The soft light is accurately projected on the "Wormhole" artwork, perfectly highlighting the layered gaps symbolizing the process of the book being eaten by worms, showing the impression of time. Combined with the hidden indirect lighting of the LINA II series, it increases the layer sense of space and creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Living room

On the wall in the corner of the lobby are 8 paintings and calligraphy works representing Nanjing, the past and the present, and also represent the style of this hotel that blends ancient and modern. Using the IF series as the key lighting, the light from the ceiling shows the elegant beauty of texture and creates an elegant atmosphere of classic and classic fusion.
It is said that the entire hotel has a collection of more than 300 artworks, more than 900 decorations, and more than 6,000 books by 70 artists from 16 countries. It seems that this is not a simple space display, but a "collector's living room". In the mottled light and shadow, the ingenious combination of Eastern aesthetics and Western classics demonstrates the elegant beauty of the Ritz-Carlton Nanjing.

Taste Nanjing, delicacies
Light, tell the story of Jiangnan taste

Dining Hall

The "Pinning Mansion" and "Emperor Yuexuan" on the 39th floor, theater-style restaurants and club-style private parishes, the familiarity of local Nanjing cuisine and the luxury of high-end Cantonese cuisine give users different choices. The entire restaurant has an orderly layout of tones and spaces. LINA II soft light strips are installed in the ceiling lamp trough to enrich the space and create a warm and warm atmosphere, providing guests with a comfortable dining environment.

The IF series installed in the ceiling provides basic lighting for the restaurant. The lights are accurately projected on the table, creating a romantic atmosphere for every guest, enjoying a double feast of visual taste, allowing guests to enjoy delicious dishes while still Overlooking the city scenery outside the window.

The corridor decorated by numerous door frames and wall lamps runs through the two Chinese restaurants. Under the light and shadow, the unique sense of film and television drama is used to weaken the dullness of the corridor.

The end of each corridor is finished with a waterfall wall, and "water" is a flowing element, which is a sight that can be seen everywhere in the Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing. It flows from the 40th floor to the 38th floor, just like the tenderness that the city has been nurtured by the Yangtze River and Qinhuai River. The IF series of downlights hidden behind the ceiling use the dramatic sense of light and shadow to avoid the usual dullness of strolling through the enclosed corridor. A steady stream of crystal water curtains "irrigate" the pool water decorated with Taihu stones and the light perfectly merge, bringing the freshness and joy of the courtyard to the interior.

Queen's elegance
Light, build a healing urban oasis


SPA Room


The 40th floor of the hotel builds an urban oasis above the hustle and bustle of the city for guests. Guests can sweat in the fully equipped fitness center, meditate and stretch in the yoga room or swim in the well-lit indoor heated swimming pool, and enjoy the night view in the characteristic SPA Sunbathe.
The 2700K IF series in the ceiling layout provides basic lighting for the space, creating a quiet environment and at the same time appropriately mobilizing the healing scene of light and shadow, integrating lighting, decorations and space into one, and the indoor space changes in the overall comfortable lighting atmosphere. Be calm and quiet, allowing guests to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax.

The IF series installed in the ceiling grille and the hidden 2400K LINA II soft light strip are intended to better express the continuity and subtle differences of the indoor space. The light and space form a pure spatial vocabulary, creating a reassuring The space gives the guests the comfort of home.
Awaken the senses, calm the mood and rejuvenate. Let guests stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. Let the guests feel the rich local culture in a different way while healing the body and mind.

The Ritz-Carlton x VISUAL FEAST
Use light to carve top elegance and luxury,
To create a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere,
The unique and quiet artistic conception is fully expressed by the complementary lighting,
Construct a leisurely living space above the bustling city.
The collision between light and various materials,
Like moonlight,
The meaning is peaceful,
Reshape historical classics,
Inject vitality into the ancient city,
Create a memorable journey for the guests.

Project information
Project Name: The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing
Project location: No. 18, Zhongshan Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
Interior design: Design Studio Spin, Japan
Lighting design: ISO Metrix, Hong Kong
Lamp series: IF/LINA II/MAGIC