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Kempinski Nanjing

Nanjing, a beautiful and historical place in Jiangnan, witnessed the rise and fall of the Chinese Imperial era. With thousands of ancient buildings and halls, as well as a wide distribution and a plentiful storage of cultural relics, Ming Dynasty is one of the most prosperous period of time for Nanjing.

Guess how if the most famous and historical hotel brand worldwide meets the profound Chinese ancient culture? Let’s try to explore and read the flourishing Ming Dynasty follows the footprints of history in Kempinski Hotel Nanjing, which is located just near the ruins of Imperial Palace of Ming Dynasty.

Yang Design, the famous designer ranked top 5 by 《Interior Design》, is in charge of the interior design work. The whole Interior space has a key design concept related to the story of Ming Imperial Palace, and Yang’s team tried their best to resurge the grand and spectacular Nanjing in ancient times. The interior space of Kempinski Nanjing is full of the factors: Porcelains from Song Dynasty, Jade Wares and Yuhua Stones, and has an environment of Low-key luxury fashion that business people can also come to enjoy a moment of tranquility and fun in a busy business trip.

The hotel has won:
France's authoritative design award DNA Paris Design Awards Hotel category glory award;
2020 American MUSE Design Awards, Interior Design Hotel Category Platinum Award ;
2020 World Design Awards (World Design Awards 2020) Glory Award;
2020 Melbourne Design Awards (Melbourne Design Awards) GOLD Gold Award.

The thousand-year capital and modern style,
Light, interprets the elegant Qinhuai

The Main Lobby

The Main Lobby

The lobby is located on the 5th floor. YANG design team used modern design techniques to reconstruct the classical elements. The design’s inspiration is the main hall of Ming Imperial Palace which represents the highest specifications of national etiquette.

The large-scale screen art installation of the main station outlines the palace's stacked pavilions in a double-layer metal overlapping manner , which instantly introduces guests into the historical illusion, and solves the problem of "The east-west orientation of the lobby leads to strong direct sunlight in the daytime". The 2700K 15W IF series installed on the ceiling quickly draws the attention of the guests to the front desk through the hint of the direction of the light source, and at the same time ,strengthens the focus projection of the front desk to meet the needs of work. The soft light shapes the majestic atmosphere while highlighting the honorable welcome etiquette. The carved ceiling's ‘sunk panel’ elements and the wall's "Ming Defensive Wall" texture create a strong sense of order and history. Combined with the indirect lighting of the LINA II series, and considering the transitional indoor and outdoor light environment, it creates a comfortable physical and mental experience space. 

Lounge Area of Lobby

Decorations of the space pursues a simple and natural feeling. An oil painting, a pot of green plants, and a group of sofas are used here. The downlights from IF series are used as key lighting to increase the interest of the space and create a warm rest environment. Under the light falling from the ceiling, the simple collocation brings out the extraordinary spatial temperament, increases the sense of spatial hierarchy and makes the decorations sway in a piece of jewels.

Elevator Hall of Lobby

The ceiling of the elevator hall is reconstructed with dark metal to interpret the ‘sunk panel’ element, and by forming a repetitive sense of order to create a royal grandeur. The wall also echoes with the concept of ceiling. Yang’s team  chooses large blocks of marble, and splice them together to form a majestic Ming Defensive Wall. Also, the wall has built-in light boxes to highlight the mottled texture of the stone surface and present the sense of history.

Moreover, the 2700K 15W IF series downlights set on the ‘sunk panel’ ceiling shape the magnificence, grandeur and elegance of Ming-style architecture, giving people the ultimate luxury experience, highlighting the noble and elegant Nanjing Kempinski Hotel. Between light and shadow, it is as if traveling back to ancient times or being in a ‘museum’. 

Entrance of The Lobby Bar

The entrance of the lobby bar is opened from the ‘Defensive Wall’, imitating the shape of a city gate, so that the space is not exposed. This design method stimulates the interest of exploration. Also, the top of the "City Gate" is inlaid into an "Ancient Officer’s Hat" style with a bucket arch technique, which implies stepping through here and rising step by step, and by which elicits the design theme ‘Jiangnan Examination Hall’.

In order to take the guidance and safety function into account, the IF series downlights are used with the LINA II series LED light strips ,and also some wall lamps as decorative lighting. The rich layering creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. From the pouring lights to the swaying dappled light and shadow stories, the beauty of nature has never been far away from where you can see. Interpreting the inadvertent flow of time and space, sketching out an interesting paradise.

Fang Mo Bar

Fang Mo Bar

The uneven and orderly wall shape of the space contrasts with the wall of the bookshelves sandwiched between them . The majesty is simple and gentle, which metaphors the talents of the scholars attending the imperial examination: ‘Have scrolls in their abdomen and have mountains in their hearts’. The flexible streamers of the smallpox also resemble the writing talents of these scholars, as in Chinese idiom:‘Bi Zou Long She’.

The IF series arranged on the ceiling makes the whole atmosphere low-key and elegant. The design also provides a quiet space for guests from afar to relax for a moment. The gentle light, the European-style sofa with a strong sense of shape, the simple coffee table and the artistic decorations complement each other, showing the luxury of Kempinski.

The Stairway

The collision of light, space and color

24h Restaurant

24h Restaurant

Dashing out from the Examination Hall, a grand view of the tavern family jump into the eyesight, and elegant affairs continues. The design of the hotel’s 24h restaurant integrates the elements of ‘Jinling Restaurants’, taking the image of the window pane on the dining table and cupboard to construct the scene of the street restaurant’s stalls, so as to make the scene vivid and interesting. The rough natural surface of buffet table with no decoration presents the beauty of raw material. The LINA II LED strip hidden in the light trough enriches the shape of the space and creates a clean and lively atmosphere, giving people a sense of purity, providing guests with a fresh and comfortable dining environment.

Considering that the huge floor-to-ceiling windows reflect indoor light sources, the number of lamps needs to be minimized. Therefore, the IF series is used to provide basic lighting for the restaurant, offering a evening light environment that blends internal and external, and creates an opportunity for guests to enjoy the scenery outside the window . The light is accurately projected on every tabletop, every artwork, every group of food display racks, which greatly increases people's appetite .



The sound of oars and the shadow of the lights cohere with the ten-mile Qinhuai River. The metal panels of the ceiling echo the carpets, blending out the blurred waterscape of Qinhuai, the IF series set in the ceiling and the layered lighting complement each other, like a sky lantern, like a lantern in the water, or a lantern on both sides of the bank, giving the elegant feast a romantic and poetic flavor. Light and shadow portray the lanterns in the sky vividly, creating a luxurious, romantic, and cheerful atmosphere. Provide guests with unforgettable high-end banquet enjoyment. 

Overnight in Jinling, dreaming back to the past,
Light, deduces the inadvertent circulation of time and space

Guest Room

Guest Room

The hotel has a total of 336 guest rooms. Differs from the grandeur and richness of the public area, the traditional "screen" elements are adhered to the wall in asymmetrical shapes, highlighting the artistic beauty. The white decorative painting on the background wall of the bedside creates a distant artistic conception with abstract brushwork.

In the view of room design structure, the LINNOU series and LINA II series are used to provide general lighting for the space to ensure an ideal light environment, create a simple and relaxing atmosphere for guests, and make the room space rich in layers.

The 2700K 5W LINNOU series set above the sofa portrays the texture of the sofa and enriches the details of the fabrics . At the same time, it provides accent lighting for the tabletop, highlighting the three-dimensional and unevenness of the background picture. 

Above the head of the bed, as the key lighting for the bedding, the soft light of the LINNOU series highlights the background of the "Ming Imperial Palace", emphasizing the design culture and style. The light falls precisely on the edge of the bed, which increases the sense of hierarchy in the room.

The bathroom is separated by a very metallic screen. The LINNOU series arranged in the ceiling, warm light or gentle or smart or elegant, smooth and white sanitary ware blends with the light, the excellent texture makes people feel comfortable, and interprets the spacious bathroom space.

A quiet space, everything is relaxing. Pleasant light environment in the guest rooms brings guests a home-like environment.

Executive Lounge

Executive Lounge

The executive lounge is located on the highest floor of the hotel . It is a good place to enjoy the sunset or the view of Nanjing. The IF series set in the ceiling and the hidden LINA II series connect each independent space through unassuming and soft light. Light makes people and space have a new fit. A whole row of floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outside scenery into the interior, while extending the depth of the space, it also provides guests with a soft and relaxing space.

Look for the essence in the state of royalty and discover the affairs in Ming Dynasty.
Kempinski x VISUAL FEAST,
With soft and elegant light,
it writes the unparalleled elegance of the ancient capital for thousands of years,
Use light to interpret the historical glory,
To create a luxurious and noble exclusive property of Nanjing Kempinski Hotel,
interpretate the elegant Royalty State where the dragons and tigers live.

Project Information
Project Name: Kempinski Hotel Nanjing
Location: Long Pan Road 218,Qinhuai District,Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Interior design: YANG Design Group
Lighting Design: CCWDesign Consulting/ TinoKwan Design Guan Yongquan
Opening time: October 1, 2019
Lamp series: LINNOU/LINA II/IF