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Everything could be solved by a hotpot

In Japanese culture, dining under dancing petals in spring is an important annual event, people call it hanami. Ranguo is a Japanese restaurant based on hanami tradition, located in the core of Chaoyang District in Beijing. The designers of odd – okamoto deguchi design studio, hope to create an atmosphere of hanami through the design. The difference of Ranguo is the atmosphere of the burning pot designed with hanami as the concept is more relaxed and casual, which is also related to the popularity of hanami itself.

The project won “2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards "International Luxury” design award.

Regarding to the award:
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is an international authoritative award for restaurant space design created by the British team in 2008. It has now entered its twelfth year.

Meet hot pot under the sakura, a delicacy that warms the stomach and soul


Booth facade with numerous wood carving tool of the wind shape, the inner panel carvings insert some customized MINI LINNOU series light sheet , the shape of the sakura has been illuminated, forming a picture of sakura flying, in creating a dynamic atmosphere.

The glass curtain wall is superimposed on the interior design, blurring the line of change between the interior and the outside, and invisibly magnifying the space and atmosphere. Through the use of the right lighting decoration to make the space more flexible, the visually transparent dining environment will also make people have a kind of open and relaxed mood.

Public area

Through visual overlap and obscuration, the entrance of the private room is hidden to ensure the privacy of dining. There are deliberate gaps in the stacked boxes bringing a variety of visual experience to the walking guests. Utilizing the gaps in the space, a miniature garden is built to serve as the entrance of private rooms.

The MIZAR series linear lamps are installed on the upper and lower aisle wall. The soft light provides a comfortable environment for each customers. At the same time, it also brightens the detailed texture and texture of the cherry blossom wall, adding a three-dimensional feeling and giving the space a level Richer and more flexible.

Above the private room, six different types of wood products are used to simulate the dynamic trend of the wind. While ensuring privacy, you can also see through the glass the wood carvings that resemble falling flowers above your head, bringing guests the same pleasant enjoyment as if they were in hanami.


As the sun sets, the light reflected on the building's facade disappears, and this simple box-shaped volume emerges in the twilight. The spacious private rooms are equipped with exquisite wood carvings, and it is difficult to ignore its existence even on the street.

Although there are many box-like volumes scattered in the space, they are compact and continuous, and they are very oppressive from a distance. However, by reducing the scale of other elements in the space, after entering the interior, under the rendering of lighting, the realization of The intimacy of strolling in the alleys of Japan, for every guest who comes to dine can enjoy the wonderful experience of dining under the flowers in this space.

Between the internal and external interactions created by MIZAR and MINI LINNOU lighting, the cherry blossoms on the wall create a visual focus, as if encountering a cherry blossom feast. While tasting the food, customers are exposed to the romantic cherry blossom rain, which has a great impact on vision and taste buds.

Scattered area

After passing through the many private rooms, the field of vision suddenly opens up, and what comes into view is the open bar and the sitting area. The broad vision provides the chef with a vibrant cooking environment.

The FOLLO series track spotlights are arranged on the ceiling , and the soft light diffuses from the ceiling, providing consumers with visual comfort and enhancing the environment atmosphere.

Open bar

On the bar side set of LINNOU series and MIRO series , provide the basis for lighting downward, but also increase the overall layering spatial light environment. Against the backdrop of the lights, it creates an atmosphere of dining under the cherry blossoms, which is a little gentler, making the entire space appear peaceful and warm.

The reflection of the material gives the space more vivid texture, neutralizes the hard and coldness of the bar, and highlights the exquisiteness of the space. The change of light and shadow creates a sense of flow in the space and also gives people a step-by-step spatial experience.

Sitting in the dining room created by cherry blossoms, guests can feel the scenery of cherry blossoms flying in the sky while tasting the food. The food and beauty reach the realm of harmony between nature and man, making guests endless aftertaste and lingering.

Project information
Project Name: Ranguo
Project location: 1F , Qihao Building , No. 8 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Architectural design: odd ( okamoto deguchi design) design studio
Lighting Design: Ljus Design 
Photographer: Ruijing Photography