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Which TV series is the hottest this summer? It is none other than 《Nothing But Thirty》. The highlight of the play, in addition to Hermès and Chanel, there are also "frequent visitors to film and television dramas"-BELLAGIO BY MGM SHANGHAI.

The 4th episode was set on the spiral staircase and the lounge in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel. With Italian Baroque low-key luxury and classic artistic aesthetics, it gorgeously interprets the intellectuality, independence and elegance of urban women.

Tsundere the whole magic capital,
"Modern Girl" by the Bund
"I asked myself if this is a dream,
It is about to disappear into the air,
Is there such an ultimate beauty in the world? "

The famous American poet Longfellow described Lake Como at the foot of the Alps in this way. And this small town between mountains and rivers is the origin of the name of the luxury hotel " Bellagio".

BELLAGIO BY MGM SHANGHAI, opened in 2018, is the second Bellagio hotel to open globally after Las Vegas, USA. Located on the Suzhou River in the North Bund, adjacent to the historic Waibaidu Bridge, this hotel has a skyline view of Lujiazui and the beautiful scenery along the Bund has become a new landmark of Shanghai since its opening. Like a gorgeous gem in Art Deco style, it shines in the bright east.

As Bellagio’s first show in Asia, BELLAGIO BY MGM SHANGHAI is built by the world’s top hotel design company WATG and its interior design firm Wimberly Interiors. It respects the Bund culture and integrates the subtleties with Italian origins. The Italian Baroque low-key luxury is blended with the Bund's neoclassical style, showing modern beauty, charm and luxury.

It blends modern style in classical beauty, and reflects the Shanghai sentiment in elegance and honor. As the lighting service provider of BELLAGIO BY MGM SHANGHAI, the application of VISUAL FEAST's lighting product series in hotel public areas and guest rooms strives to use light to continue the artistic aesthetics of luxury, and interprets Bellagio's brand concept of "Extreme Experience is more than unforgettable."

The fusion of luxury and classic,

Interpreting the art world of light and beauty

Lobby Lounge

The lobby lounge located on the first floor of the hotel is inspired by high-end customized ladies' handbags. The entrance adopts exquisite artificial ceramic roses and beautiful crystals as ornaments, as if people instantly trace back to the prosperous and romantic history. The 2700K IF Series downlight on the ceiling, the soft light complements the luxurious and elegant decoration style of the lounge, making the space full of rhythm and bringing more agile imagination to the space.

The stylish and modern furniture is elegant and elegant under the background of the light. Here you can enjoy a quiet afternoon tea time, or have a toast in the evening, and indulge in the graceful music on the spot. The exquisite artistic atmosphere perfectly interprets the elegant Italian style.

Banquet Hall

The magnificent atrium of the banquet hall has the first 270D three-dimensional surround LED screen in Shanghai. The marble floor and the LED screen passionately collide, interpreting a unique and charming fashion temperament. The MAGIC Series of lights are installed on the high ceiling. Through the contrast of light and shadow and ingenious integration with the building structure, it creates a unique look and feel. The picture is constantly changing, integrating the city landscape of the magic capital into the starry sky of Van Gogh, creating a unique visual effect and bringing a shocking visual sensory experience.

Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant Mansion on One is located in the hotel’s five-story historic building, with a complex and classical decoration style with unique oriental art furnishings. The antique restaurant style reproduces the golden age of clothes and temples. MASTER Series on the ceiling, the light collides with the red velvet sofa, perfectly restoring the Chinese red, showing the grace, elegance, and modest Chinese charm. Warm and pleasant lighting creates a fascinating dining atmosphere for customers. The contrast between light and dark creates a sense of order in the space and reproduces the modern and elegant style of Shanghai Beach.

LOGO Restaurant

The entrance to the LAGO restaurant on the sixth floor is like a time tunnel. If time and space can meet, then it is here. LAGO by Julian Serrano is presented by Studio Munge, an internationally renowned design company used by the restaurant, which perfectly continues the fashionable and avant-garde modern style of Las Vegas LAGO restaurant. The designer manipulates the perception of time and space through the integration of layers, light and color, and the skillful use of color and light, to make people feel like they are in the corridor of time, stagnant and dynamic, as if they can manipulate time and space.

Located on the sixth floor of the hotel, LAGO by Julian Serrano Italian chef restaurant, the entire space presents blue, white, copper-red colors, with stylish and elegant material to match colors, salute to the futuristic Italian art. On the ceiling, the soft light emitted by the 15D MASTER Series downlights, the trimless reflector and the ceiling are perfectly integrated. From the style and vision, a very textured dining space is constructed, which enriches the sense of spatial layers and bring a warm and elegant dining environment to guests.


The hotel has 162 comfortable guest rooms and suites, overlooking the beautiful scenery along the banks of the Suzhou River and the Bund, overlooking the Pujiang River and the charming skyline of Lujiazui. The exquisite and elegant Italian elements of the guest rooms are slowly unfolding in the space. The dark brown background wall is steady and elegant. The orange seats are eagerly intervened in front of you, leading the eyes to the beautiful landscape. The elegant neoclassical style of the bedroom is outlined by lighting. The ceiling is smudged with warm and erotic tones, as if you are in a dreamland of aesthetic genes, bringing comfort and natural enjoyment to the guests.

The adjustable 2700K IF Series downlights installed on the ceiling not only provide basic lighting for the space, but also meet the needs of accent lighting in some areas, making the room ceilings cleaner and tidy. With the decoration of decorative lights, the light and shadow in every part of the space are just perfectly right. Merging in it, let the guests have the softness and comfort of home, and forget the fatigue and troubles of the journey.

The soft and bright dim lights,
Old Shanghai style,
VF's products are everywhere in the hotel,
It expresses the wonderful inspiration of different artistic styles,
Against the bright night in the bustling magic city, blurry and beautiful.

The light of art is in a unique way,
Use light and shadow to write other luxurious and elegant experiences.
Modern beauty, charm and luxury,
Extending in every corner of the hotel, fascinating.

Project Information

Location:No. 188 Beisuzhou Road Hongkou District, Shanghai, P.R. China
Interior Deisgn:Wimberly Interiors
Light Design:Alliance Lighting Design,USA/ Gradient Lighting Design,Shanghai
Product Series:MASTER/IF/MAGIC