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OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Shop

Project Background

OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Shop is located at Zhengjia plaza in Tianhe District, and is the fourth OPPO global Super Flagship Shop with the other three are in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing.  It is a milestone of retail terminal upgrading and it also means that OPPO appears in all the first-tiers cities in China. Designed by international top architect office with OPPO design team, it takes local cultural features into consideration with a fresh designing concept ”urban park” , and a scene-based experience where everything is integrated. As the typical OPPO green and white are the main color factors, with the black interspersing curving lines, and a borderless interactive design concept is realized. Bamboo joint-the typical symbol of Ling-nan culture is adopted in the special design of 11-meters-high exterior wall, together with the technology curve of OPPO logo, the appearance full of technology and local culture beauty is superimposed. 

It is a flagship store, but also a urban park.

“We have been thinking that our shop should not be only a commercial space but also can bring something valuable to the local community. Our partner UNStudio proposed the Urban park concept based on reflection of blurring public space and commercial space boundary, and also we take this as our core concept of Guangzhou super flagship shop. Parks are everywhere in a city and is an indispensable of the urban life, it is a place where can offer multiple leisure experience, and in the park all kinds of people can find the exclusive experience they want, for example, one can walk, two persons can chat, and three can have a meal together, or a group can listen to a concert. We hope our super flagship shop is also such a comprehensive place where different needs can be met” ---Linxin, OPPO chief space designer.  

Distinct from the luxury and arts of Shanghai super flagship shop, and urban guests meeting area of Shenzhen super flagship shop, and grandness of Beijing super flagship shop, the OPPO Guangzhou super flagship shop has its own special style---an unconscious borderless interaction idea is realized from space, material, and multi-dimensional factors, so it is more modern, technological and youthful.  

Adhering to “human centric design” concept, the unique “technological white” design allows the rich interaction experience to blend with the minimalist space. The interior lighting design is finished by BPI and the lighting is expected to add special and interesting features to the space complying with the interior design urban park concept. Therefore, Warm light is applied to create a sense of technology, aiming to make a free, cordial, and interesting experience space for users.  

In daytime a lot of nature lights shine into the shop through the glass exterior wall, therefore, the neutral light can make sure the light contrast between products display in the shop and the aisle is not so strong. And warm light can better interpret technological and future sense. In the bright circumstance, the reflectivity of white wall can make the space look more spacious. Under the lighting effect, the sense of lines turns to be more vivid and abundant.  

Fashion and technological aesthetics converge here

Layout inside the store is open-a circular island in the center, separate each area with arcs. Different areas like product experience area, new product experience area, loT experience area, video experience area, maintenance service area, and reception area are orderly distributed, matching spatial sense of the main white color, the coexistence and free-flowing modeling languages are integrated into the space design and the consumers can get a more free perception space and accommodate a variety of activities. The IF downlights installed on the ceiling can offer both the even ambient and accent lighting for the products in the store. Continuous lighting with color temperature of 4000K evenly illuminates the entire space, creating a sense of order in the space, enhancing the sense of hierarchy of the space, and using neutral light to provide customers with a clean and refreshing shopping environment. The high color rendering of the IF series can perfectly highlight the color and texture of the products, and rapidly turns the products as the focus, adds the product display charm, and customers can have more direct experience.

Taking architecture itself into consideration, the lighting designers separate the space into several parts, the equal distance array of luminaires on the ceiling injects the agility of lighting to the space. The consistent lighting environment can offer the ideal customer experience and flexible choice of the product display in a boarder and open space.  

The modern and simple interior design, and IF series downlight together creates a comfortable, natural and high quality lighting environment, which can both enhance the aesthetics of the space and improve the users experience. The excellent light performance of IF series and the high rendering for restoring the product original color can trigger the exploration desire of consumers and bring an in-depth experience sense, creating a total open space for dialogue with city and people.

Distinct from the surrounding conventional businesses, all clean and simple cool white luminaires are adopted in OPPO Guangzhou super flagship store. In the overall warm white environment of Zhengjia Plaza, it immediately shows a fresh and cool look.

Super flagship store as the extension of OPPO brand can better interact and communicate with users, and provide customers with better experience and service. It can also meet the diverse consumer needs, upgrading the retail system from convenient shopping to high-quality shopping experience. 

Project info:

Name: OPPO Guangzhou super flagship store
Address: Zheng jia Plaza, Tianhe district, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province
Architecture/interior design: UNstudio architecture office
Lighting design: Shanghai Bipu Lighting Design Co., Ltd. 
Lamp model:IF series