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Banyan Tree Anji

Banyan Tree Anji

Leaning on the green mountains, surrounded by streams, Banyan Tree is here, hiding in the mountains, quietly withdraw from the society.


Through the bamboo forest and the layered tea gardens, Banyan Tree Anji is hidden in this quiet and beautiful Lingfeng National Tourist Resort.

Artistic Conception

In Banyan Tree Anji, the lighting design fully takes into account the hotel's aesthetic concepts of tranquil luxury and contemporary elegance. The designer fully combines light and shadow transformation, Chinese traditional temperament and humanistic atmosphere to achieve harmony and unity between nature and humanity.

Strolling through the entire hotel, the lights are in subtle details to bring visual surprises to the guests.

It is precisely at dusk, mist and drizzle linger around the high walls and cornices of Banyan Tree. Its Su-style garden features and Hui style architecture, vividly reflect the meaning of charm of Chinese architecture.

At night, the light reflected in the water becomes the light source of the courtyard, where light becomes a medium for dialogue with nature. The gentle breeze and waves create the tranquil light and shadow atmosphere in the lobby area.

Mountain Residence & Overnight & Light

Covered by bamboo forest, the hotel has 121 spacious rooms and suites and 30 villas. The floor-to-ceiling windows of the rooms face secluded yards with white walls, blue bricks and black tiles scatter, At night, the warm yellow light of low color temperature makes people easily attracted by the warmth revealed inside.

Guest rooms

In the corridor, under the slate bridge, the stream lightly touches the pebbles, showing the original texture under the illumination of the light. The light spot on the ground reflects the tranquility of the night. The entire Banyan Tree reveals a natural and unrestrained ancient charm under the embellishment of the light.

In 30 villas, VF Lighting's ingenious lamps, provide support for the lighting design. Under the light, the light spot reflected in the stream and the flickering of bamboo bushes shadow form a unique garden scene.

The partition wall separates the rest area and the washing area, and the 2700K linear lighting on the ceiling create a warmth atmosphere in the bathroom. In front of the makeup mirror the high color rendering quality of IF series downlights make makeup on guests’ face look more beautiful. The soft indoor lights complement the natural scenery outside the window, let the guests enjoy this relaxing time in bath.

The minimalist lamps arrangement reduces visual noise and make the space blend into nature. Let people forget the noise of the outside world and immersed in a relaxed and tranquil home-like atmosphere.

Clear your mind, stroll around slowly, and let the light bathe. 

The soft light strip LINA lightens the roof, the warmth of 2700K makes the bamboo mats on the roof are more quaint, delicate and beautiful.

The ancient rhythm of Banyan Tree in Anji is hidden in a tile and a tree, as if closing my eyes, I can still hear the patter of the rain and Rustle of the bamboo forest. When I open my eyes, I was in an ancient painting, as if it had been more than a thousand years. A cup of tea, a room, a good lamp, VFLighting, comfortable soft light, interpreting the art of light and shadow.

Project name: Banyan Tree Anji 
Project location:Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China
Investor: Greentown Group
Interiors designers: CL3 Architects, Design Department of Banyan Tree Group, ZSD
Operator: Banyan Tree Group
Interior Design Coordination: ZSD
Luminaries Design: Guangdong Kamtat lighting Co.,