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Roaming in the irregular office space---Marisfrolg Headquarter

Project Background

Marisfrolg was founded in 1993,and have been leading the fashion of woman fashion clothing in China for more than 20 years. Marisfrolg has been striving for a better brand with simple, elegant, pure design style, pursuit for excellence and best service since the very beginning.  


Marisfrolg headquarter building is the masterpiece of Van Brandenburg, a world well-known architect from New Zealand. It attracted great attention in the Unfurling exhibition of 14th Venice Architecture Biennale.
Located in Da Lang Creation Park in Shenzhen Long Hua district, where known as Shenzhen Fashion Base. Integrated with office, design, recreation, and business in this area, Marisfrolg headquarter building bears the prospect of the brand and will be one of the top fashion show centers in the future since it appears in the China architecture history as a magnificent masterpiece.   
The interior lighting renovation was designed by DASUN team, aiming to highlight the architectural space characteristics and express the rhythm of the space itself with light. Lighting serves the space, weakens the sense of existence of luminaires, and conveys the design concept of "seeing light but not seeing lamps".

The project was awarded:
The 11th Zhurong Award "office space first prize";
"Office space Gold Award" and "Best Popularity Award" in the national final competition of the 11th zhurong award China lighting application design contest in 2019.

Redefining the art of architecture

Shenzhen Masfield building has been designed according to parabola, helix and other geometric laws, and is composed of steel and reinforced concrete. The variable and specially shaped structure makes it look like a magnificent and exquisite sculpture. Looking down on the whole building complex, it looks like an eagle flying with wings. It is majestic, full of verve and visual shocking.
Walking into the building, you will find the surrounding railings decorated with copper leaves and ceramic tiles all over the wall; step in and you can discover the combination of modern elements, such as the ceiling covered with flower petals, the pure white spiral stairs without edges and corners, and the ripple of ceiling. The light between the architectural folds is tortuous and changeable, the visual shocking and artistic flavor are integrated. It makes people feel as if they are in a fairy tale forest, while vision changes as walks on.  

Balance between art with light and shadow

Symmetric interior design, rice space layers, and everywhere is fulfilled with artistic factors. To achieve graceful, harmonious, unified and comfortable lighting effect is important. DASUN design team takes the concept of bionic nature and extends a variety functions based on curves, to show the unique elements and memory symbols of the space.  

Entrance hall

Main access to the office area of Masfield headquarter building

The entrance arch gate is the connection between the two spaces, and the designers utilize the angle of original structure and concave space to present conflict but fusion trend, and reasonably avoid obstacles of the building. The mini linnou 3w 3000k downlights are applied to the angle place and the bright light is accurately projected on the red brick at the top, which extends the vision space and we only see the light but not see the luminaires. 


Aisle of office area

Walking into aisle area, and we have a wider vision, the aligned array of Mini Linnou downlights strengthen the red brick texture and make a sense of strong sequence and space extension.
Hidden in the shading shell and only 25 mm in diameter, the mini linou can not only illuminate the ceiling, but also highlight the radiating structure of the ceiling, providing the overall brightness for the space, increasing the artistic appeal of the space, and make people have a feeling of elegance, openness and peace.

Transit hall

roof details of the office area 

The transit hall is a transition area connecting the reception area and the corridor. The space is full of surrounding feeling, like flowers to bloom. The structure similar to the niches creates a sense of sacredness, and achieves a high spiritual unity with the bionic style of the whole building, which perfectly interprets the simple, rational and graceful characteristics of Masfield brand.

Project challenging point: shell shaped shading structure

Masfield headquarter building lighting upgrading project is a customized masterpiece from lighting design, verification, to implement, and we can see the perfect details in everywhere. It is a great combination of technology and art, and displays the characteristics of the space vividly. But the reflecting rate is high due to the pure white façade, and also the ceiling structure is irregular, so installation of the luminaires and anti-glare treatment are the tough aspects of this lighting design.  

To ensure the even light output and avoid the influence of the high reflection rate of the pure white wall, DASUN design team and VF team work together by testing and for many times to achieve the target that there is enough light and light output is even by 3D printing technology and special light absorbing cloth junction-shell shaped shielding structure. 


Project Info:

Project name: Masfield headquarter building 1st period office lighting upgradation project
Project location:Dalang creation park, Long hua district, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province 
Owner:   Shenzhen Masfield Fashion Holding Ltd. 
Architecture design: VAN BRANDENBURG(New Zealand)
Lighting design: Shenzhen DASUN design(DASUN)
Luminaire series: MINI LINNOU