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Chongqing Tiandi Art Museum

Tiandi Art Museum is located in the south bank of Jialing River, close to the lake by Tiandi property,which combine regional characteristics of humanity and urban landscape . There are steep hills in Yuzhong peninsula in the south, Chongqing Tiandi Commercial Street in the north, and residential area under construction in the west.

As a landmark of Vanke brand display and leading the way of life in the future, Chongqing Tiandi Art Museum includes Art Display & Exhibition Hall, Vanke Brand & Project Experience Center and Café House. According to its architectural volume and interior design, lighting design also pursues minimalism. The neutral color temperature of 4000K runs through throughout whole museum. The points, lines, and surfaces of light also strengthen the visually intense imagination of space.

Art Display & Exhibition Hall

Designer designed a double-height space to exhibit paintings, sculptures and installation art, or provide art education for children, which used staircases to connect different display platforms. The uniform and soft light of the LED module under the white luminous surface enhanced the combination of this white block surface and black brushed stainless steel material. Moreover, VF SILK series wall washer project light over a wide range that extends from the top of the wall to the vicinity of the floor without dark area, which completely shape the sense of volume of the display space. In this interlaced indoor moving line, the small space does not appear narrow and fragmented.

Vanke Brand & Project Experience Center

The Vanke Brand and Project Experience Center, which spans nearly 30 meters, is divided into two parts: the sand table area and the negotiation area. The huge sand table is the visual focus of the entire space.

The 32W 15 ° high-power VF MAGIC series of downlights are centered in an array. In the large-scale space of nearly 10 meters, the fine details of the architectural model in the sand table are accurately illuminated. Due to the high color rendering of Ra> 90, the sand table of coloring scheme of blue and green in strong grayscale, even in the unified overall gray marble exhibition hall, is also extremely vibrant.

Furthermore,the 13W/m in-ground linear lights outline the entire brand exhibition hall, which makes the art museum look like a crystal clear box. The glass partition separates the negotiation area on the side of the exhibition hall. The clear marble background at the end is also washed by the in-ground linear lights to ensure the transparency of the space.

At night, under the influence of indoor light, several windows of different shapes become a fragment of the space floating in the lake through its own transparency, and become a special landscape element in the process of gradually moving towards the night.

The square narrow trim MASTER series lamps with black reflectors echo the style of soft decoration and furniture in the negotiation area. The excellent glare control with a UGR value of only 10.4 enable the light highlighted the delicateness of B & B ITALIA furniture carefully selected by designer without notice, just like rain moistens everything silently and softly.

Café House

The endless floor-to-ceiling glass wall provides a panoramic view of lake and Jialing River. This situation is also the most suitable space for diverse lighting applications, such as track-mounted spotlights, recessed downlights, in-ground linear lights and decorative chandeliers combination, gives the space a sense of hierarchy through the different distribution of light.

The decorative wall background grazed by the in-ground linear lights makes the bar the become brightest area in the space. VF POCO series track lights are hidden in the slot of the ceiling. If you need to make temporary adjustments to the layout of the tables and chairs due to the event, the lamps can also be increased or decreased according to the demand and dimming, therefore lighting design and space functions are more flexible.

The 15° square narrow trim MASTER light fixture blends perfectly with the marble finish of the ceiling and is an important finishing touch.

Embraced by the lake and mountains at night, Vanke Chongqing Tiandi Art Museum becomes more inobtrusive, transparent but dazzling with embellishment of lights.