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The first Park Hyatt hotel In Shenzhen – eighth in China,
Located in Shenzhen highest building - Ping An Finance Centre South Tower,
Architectural design by KPF, Interior design by Yabu.

Park Hyatt Shenzhen is a sophisticated 5 star hotel and a new landmark building in the heart of the Futian business district. Featuring world class bars and restaurants and unparalleled event venues, the hotel is an Asian-inspired sanctuary designed to restore, re-energize and ignite the imagination.

VF owns the honor to supply exceptional quality lighting products. 

Our ingenuity customized wall lamp is perfectly suit in the entrance door, lift up the characteristic design brim with Oriental Charm.


One story behind every Park Hyatt, the philosophy of Park Hyatt Shenzhen is from a traditional garden house lived by ancient literati. The scene elements of Garden is vertically distributed in every storey, etherealize the whole space come in sight. 

As the nightfall, the dining room will be illuminated by our FOLLO spotlight. It precisely light the fare from the high and divide the various area, harmonized with the stunning views and a sense of intimate comfort and timeless elegance.


To gratify the requirement of pitched roof structure, FOLLO again played its advantage. Horizontal 355° and vertical 90° adjustable is a great function to divided the various area. In the meantime, it achieve a safety lighting effect by its excellent anti-glare performance.

Standing as one of VF typical product series, FOLLO has its ability to satisfy any strict demand on accurate lighting angle, highly restore the color of the object along with anti-glare. With an ingenious structure and multiple option of color makes FOLLO flexibly fit into any different interior design and architectural design style.


As one of the top luxury hotel brand in the world, Park Hyatt with 195 oversized rooms, including 24 suites. Fitting with floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of Shenzhen city center and all residential comforts. 

Our down light RUYI is honored to be a part of this elegance. It tells a story of light and dark in every area. 

On the bedside, the rule for RUYI as an accent lighting, it give prominence to the comfort of the bed and foil the auspicious clouds its behind silently.

Look up at the ceiling, RUYI is expounding the every diligent details of the design. It softly highlight the bright-coloured couch and the marble table create a home from home.

In the bathroom, the clean and spotless white marble wall is shining by RUYI 4000K bright light. A fine quality light would adorn a place spacious. 


The quiet corridor is laying a carpet with clouds, RUYI again vivify the path gradually leading to each room. 

Ruyi's smooth and perfect industrial curve design makes the lamp body equipped with VF third-generation optics looked more exquisite and harmonious. The light engine, which is easy to be replaced, can realize the adjustment to power, color temperature, light distribution, can also achieve the replaceable of COB integrated light source and MR16 light source, along with the 8 to 50 rich grading range, extending Ruyi a wider application fields.