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VF M·A·R·S new products debut in Beijing Mars plan to shine 798

On the road to becoming a world-class professional lighting brand,

VF has taken the first step,
We will continue to move forward unswervingly.

I hope you can witness our growth.

Light departure

On June 29, 2017, following the VF M·A·R·S new product launch·Shanghai Station, VF Lighting Mars plans to successfully ignite the second bomb at the Yue Art Museum in Beijing 798 Art District, continuing the exciting journey of Mars.

Captain Yang Liang, the VF Lighting team, presented the new MASTER, ALPS, RUYI, SILK 2017 series that VFers is proud of, and debuted in Beijing.

Outside the Yue Art Museum, the VF M·A·R·S new product launches a huge poster attracts attention

The lighting mapping show in the in-house conference, combined with the corridor structure that spans the space, the changed color block combination became the image of the VF M·A·R·S new product launch conference, igniting the vitality and passion of the press conference.

Light sharing

As the host of this conference, Mr. Qi Honghai, the director of Zhongchen Yuanzhan Design, shared his views on the current status of the Chinese lighting industry with a humorous opening. From the big circle of architecture into the small circle of lighting, Mr. Qi expressed his hope for the future domestic lighting industry with his insistence on “small and beautiful”.

The theme of the speech by Mr. He Wei, an associate professor at the School of Architecture of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, is “Light, Seasoning is the Main Dish”, from “Light, Strengthening the Expression of Space; Light, Changing the Atmosphere of Space; Light, Guide the Expansion of Space”, The three cases of Xihe Cereals and Oils Museum, Grandfather's Youth Travel, and Dinghui Yuanzen Space illustrate the powerful expressiveness and importance of using space to shape space.

Ms. Yao Jing, the founder of City Renaissance 2050, shared the meaning of lighting, light and city with the theme of “Lighting means...” and the exquisite and colorful cases such as the Lyon Lighting Festival. As a senior media person, she used a unique perspective to sing the charm of her eyes.

This is not only a new product launch conference for VF2017, but also a light sharing session. VF Lighting CEO Mr. Yang Liang, with VF's 2017 sincerity, shares the story of VF “Lighting” with industry experts, architects, interior designers and lighting designers.

This conference, named after M·A·R·S, is due to the release of the new products – MASTER, ALPS, RUYI, SILK four series, the initials of the initials just form Mars. The Mars Plan is an important step for human exploration of the universe. Although it is difficult, scientists are also steadfast, just as VF Lighting's goal is to become a world-class professional lighting brand. Although the road ahead is long, we will also Fight hard, don't give up.

Light dialogue

Here, light is the language of our communication.

In the name of "light", new and old friends are gathered here to talk in light.

Four new product display areas, from right to left, show the MASTER of modular combination splicing, ALPS of basic lighting, RUYI of multi-face cover conversion optics, and SILK of fixed polarized wall washers against the first-line brand of international standards. We demonstrate the strength of our independent R&D team from VF Lighting in the most intuitive way.

Collection of light

The growth process of VF Lighting is like a collection of light. Thanks to every owner, designer, engineer and all partners, thank you for your constructive comments, so that we can bring together the power of this light, and then release this energy and give back to every wonderful light space.

 Big collection of light

Once again, I would like to thank every new and old friend of VF Lighting for inspiring our potential, so that we can continue to innovate and become more stable.

In the future, on this road full of light, please continue to move forward with VF.