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2019 IALD Greater China Professional Lighting Forum VF Wins Outstanding Partner

On September 7th, "The 2019 IRAD Greater China International Lighting Design Professional Lighting Forum" was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen Maritime Art Center! On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the IALD International Lighting Designers Association, more than ten IRAL members from around the world came to the site, and more than 200 industry veterans attended the annual “Lighting Knowledge” feast! Mr. David Ghatan, Global Head of IALD, and Ms. Marsha L. Turner, CEO of IALD, also came from afar to help the event.

As a cooperative brand, VISUAL FEAST is fortunate to contribute to the activities of this star-studded event, helping to design the growth of the younger generation and the co-construction and common development between the industry!

The forum focused on architecture, art and humanities, new media art, business and technology, and various topics in the city. In the final roundtable session, many master experts were invited to exchange ideas on the same stage, focusing on the " photosynthetic world, lighting up the future". The theme, thinking about the current, present and future of lighting design, explores the sustainable development of “lighting design, the next 50 years” and explore more potentials.

“Talking about lighting design and culture”

LPA Huang Simeng put forward "the dialogue between lighting design and culture", from the beginning of design to the completion of the design, discussing the matters outside the lighting design content, including communication with customers, design architecture concept, constraints in the project, completion degree, et... At the same time, it discusses the development process and current situation of lighting design in China and Japan and discusses the past and present of lighting from different perspectives of Japan, which has a high cultural sensitivity and rapid development.

"Smart lighting technology - show the art"

Mr. Steven attaches great importance to the application of theater lighting technology in architectural environment design and has designed hundreds of projects around the world. This time, from the theme of “Light in the eyes, like music in the ears”, we told us that the goal of architectural lighting design must be The root is set based on project/task requirements, budget, sustainability, energy efficiency, reliability, etc., from the rhythm, speed, music, color, level, etc. to explore the important factors that designers must consider.

"Light as material"

As a new media artist, Mr. Bauder from WHITEvoid is good at translating bits and bytes into items and environments, or vice versa. Space, objects, sound, light,  and interaction are the key elements in his creation. Mr. Bauder showed his work at the event and analyzed the case to reveal how he discovered the possibilities of light itself. And use the light itself to create lighting effects to achieve the commonality between lighting and emotion.

“From scratch”

Mr. Knowlton said that he has always believed that good lighting design can greatly change people's lives. On-site through case analysis to summarize the practical experience, share how to deal with challenges encountered during the company's expansion process, provide a reference for designers, and inspire everyone's opportunities. How to choose when coexisting with the challenge.

"LED White Light Color and TM-30 Introduction"

Mr. Steen talked about chroma and alternative white point/alternative reference whites, focusing on CRI indicators, and on-site demonstrations to demonstrate the effects of chroma and color fidelity. And how to apply TM-30 indicators and tools to architectural lighting design.

"Light up the water, light the heart"

Mr. Charles G. Stone, with his theme of lighting the water and lighting the hearts of the people, and the lighting and beautiful design of the coastal area, discusses how the fine lighting design can achieve stunning visual effects and change people's lives, providing more possibilities for space.

Mr. Lai Yuenong, the general coordinator of the Greater China Region of the IALD International Lighting Designers Association, also sent a message to IALD Greater China, continuing to move forward and doing more to benefit the development of the industry.

As an event support brand, VISUAL FEAST has won the “IALD Outstanding Partner” award. In the future, VISUAL FEAST will contribute more to the lighting industry, and we will use our better products and light to speak and improve our people's living environment.