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Master series is flexible and changeful, providing a new lighting solution for indoor space. The compact cube contains varies lamp forms with optional combination, and a variety of optical engines and accessories which can be replaced as wish. Depending on the needs of different space functions, designers can choose power, beam angle, color temperature, or even COB integrated light source or MR16 light source. With silvery combining sounds, all components can be combined into perfect lamps structure, just like the outstanding technology and wisdom of tenon mortise. From square to circle, from narrow trim to trimless, it can be qualified for a variety of indoor space modelling design.
Among them, the square lamps have infinite splicing function with utmost innovation, also be able to add flexible wing to stylist for acquiring unfettered inspiration. Master possesses 30 ° vertically and 355 ° horizontally adjustable angle of mechanical properties, which allows the light beam in space to focus more freely and accurately. Master is equipped with independent R&D, the third generation of optics product, by which the texture, color and flexible performance are perfectly presented, providing more possibility for designers to arouse indoor space spirit and ethos.