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X Clubhouse

Shenzhen · China

Project address

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Project overview

USA, Arizona, Page.
The Valley of the Waves, so named because of the ripples in its sandstone that resemble waves.

It is a product of centuries of wind, water and time sculpting the sandstone, which has been washed by nature, causing the surface to form black, grey, red, coffee and earthy yellow stripes.

The power of nature's sculpting provides the designers with the most natural design inspiration. The water-rippled glass tiles and corrugated metal panels are derived from water ripples; the stone walls and bar counter background are derived from the sandstone shape of the mountain; the wooden shape of the ceiling of the private room is derived from the green forest with its layers of mountains. These design languages distilled from nature give a sense of layering to the space, making it three-dimensional and rich.

Photo ©: TRID Timex Interior Design