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Jiyu SPA

Danyang · China

Project address

No. 333, Lanling Road, Danyang, Jiangsu Province

Project overview

Located in Danyang, Jiangsu Province, Gui Xiang Spa is a dreamy spa space created by the main design team Shanghai Hip-pop Design Team in collaboration with the new media art team EYESPERIENCE. VF is honoured to be the supplier of lighting for this project, and in line with the demanding pursuit of near-perfection in light and shadow, always insists on providing customers with value-for-money services. Through the rendering of light in the space and the use of material properties to integrate light with space, people are made to rediscover, gaze at and feel life with a specific attitude or a special perspective, with those romantic, dreamy, even hidden and neglected beauty.

Awards received for this project:
•  A'DESIGN AWARD, Italy, Gold Award in the Interior Design category;
• Silver Award at the London Design Awards (LDA);
• Gold in a single category and overall winner in all categories at the American Hospitality Design Awards (HD Awards);
• Other Interior Design, AMP Master Builder Award, USA;
• The 12th Taiwan Interior Design Award in the Commercial Space category for Leisure Space;
• Taiwan Golden Point Design Award, Medallion Award;
•  11th Annual Zhurong Lighting Design Competition, Gold Award;
• Finalist, 46th Annual Interior Design Competition, IIDA, USA;
• Finalist, WIN Awards, UK;

Project photography by Zhang Jing
Photo ©: New Media Art Station