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YOUNG Theatre

Shanghai · China

Project address

1155 Kongjiang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai,China

Project overview

Founded in 1996, Yangpu Grand Theater was one of the district level theatres and cultural centers in Shanghai at that time. Yangpu District plays an important role. The museum will be closed and rebuilt in 2018 and reopened in the spring of 2022.

"Young theater", with the same sound as "Yang", takes the meaning of "young" in English and aims to convey the art and life attitude of "rejuvenation, enlightenment, innovation and tolerance". The reconstructed theater includes a 1020 seat main theater and a 168 seat small theater. Take the exhibition and incubation community as the core, build a multi-faceted and innovative art exhibition field, integrate the performing and original works of young artists, and achieve the integration of multi-faceted art and public welfare.