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As the first linear lighting product in the true sense, MIZAR can help designers to achieve a variety of lighting effects in a single building with a same lamp appearance, so as to ensure the overall harmony of construction and decoration, to embody their "mix" and "proper". The functional realizing is come from its rich grading angle: 23° , 33° , 37° , 43 ° , 48 ° , 24*40 ° , 27*43 ° , 15*46 ° , then to couple with the way of installing of lamps: recessed mounted, surface mounted. It ensures that this series can be used for wall reflected glare lighting, wall washer lighting, accent lighting and basic lighting in various space environments.
Upholding VISUAI FEAST lighting idea, VISUAI COMFORT is one of important part and also the most significant lighting experience brought by MIZAR series to customer. With its unique dim light reflector technology, the UGR of this series lamp can be effectively controlled within 16, and it even can bring better visual experience to customer if cooperated with LED light source of high indication (RA90).