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Xian · China

Project address

3F, block A, Chang'an international, South Gate, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

Project overview

There are many high-rise buildings, coming and going, passers-by in a hurry, strangers passing by each other, imprisoned soul, nowhere to place. The fast-paced urban life makes people look forward to nature and pursue spiritual release. The purpose of the design is to return to the original nature of the complex, and to create a pure space based on the complex nature.

Lighting design integrates the overall design concept, using the image of lighting to draw the abstract return to nature, at the same time using nature to interpret the art of the whole space. The concise lines and color blocks of different plants depict the natural form of the whole space against the light. The landscape nodes in the space give people different sensory experience and find the pure land of their soul.