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As an accent lighting product, GRACE is the first choice for designers as an accent lighting product with its carefully designed size and accurate optics. With small cutout size, the whole lamp installation does not destroy the overall beauty of the ceiling. The large shielding angle (31D), and black anti-glare ring make the whole lamp only see light
without seeing lamps after installation. The whole series has single head, double head and three head style, each style provides 5 kinds of angles, each angle's light spot is even,
do not have stray light, which gives designer a variety of choices for different application place. Downlight structure is equipped with 350 rotation, 30 vertically polarized light, and also with a very narrow beam angle (8D and 15D), which can put light from different angles to the object. In addition, the rigorous design makes this lamp's light source module replaceable, the user can easily replace them without any tools.