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  • Human-centric Lighting, Concern with Health Light

    VISUAL FEAST lighting solution is making light sources with a wide range of color temperature;people have some possibilities of supporting the natural biorhythm at the workplace via the color temperature progression. When we need to have a lower circadian activation factor, the light color can be warmer, otherwise,we can use the blue spectrum of light. Because the blue spectrum is responsible for controlling the biological functions. When our artificial light adjusts to the natural human biorhythm via the color temperature and intensity, the task of human-centric lighting will be achieved.
  • Ultimate UGR control, Light Intensity Control in 65°

    UGR is the main indicator for measuring the anti-glare performance of luminaires. VISUAL FEAST designed the products for high-end office environments, which can control UGR under 19 or even lower than 16, to ensure a healthy lighting environment. It has visual displays for computers and other mobile office equipment. In the workplace of the terminal, we strictly control the brightness of the lamp in L65 to 1500 cd/ or below 3000 cd/m².
  • Thermal Management

    VISUAL FEAST relies on in-depth research and strict screening of thermal/heat-dissipating materials and uses the industry's authoritative thermal management program to effectively and visually control the heat dissipation capability of the luminaire when designing luminaires. Thus, enabling the temperature of TC points for small and medium power lamps is still lower than 85 °C, and the high-power (over 40W) is always below 75 °C. The above method can ensure the longer lamp life (50000hrs) and stability of color temperature and color tolerance of the lamp. For special projects, with the introduction of heat pipe technology, VISUAL FEAST can develop and produce ultra-high-power lamps.
  • Modular Structure

    In the design process, all products of VISUAL FEAST fully consider and study the habits and experience of end users and installers, and combine the research results to modularize the structure of the lamps rationally. To ensure that the installation process is fast and smooth, it also brings great convenience for post-maintenance and minimizes product maintenance costs.
  • Intelligent Control System Adaptability

    VF luminaire products are suitable for all kinds of mainstream control systems, support 0/1-10V, DALI, thyristor and other dimming methods, combined with supporting human body sensing and illuminance sensor module, Bluetooth wireless dimming technology, can most directly reducing the waste of energy. While tunable white technology and the introduction of the use of guidance can effectively stimulate the creativity and efficiency of employees, and indirectly reduce the cost of the enterprise.
  • Optical Design

    The optical design of all VISUAL FEAST luminaires is independently developed and completed. From raw material selection, lens design, trace tracking and simulation and so on, each link is strictly adhered to international standards, achieving optimal light efficacy, concentrated light, and uniform flare.
  • SUNLIKE technology, High-quality of Light

    SUNLIKE technology, while highly reducing the color of materials, through the large control of blue light, to ensure the health of the user's vision. The perfect combination of SUNLIKE technology and TUNABLE WHITE is for creating a high-level office lighting environment.

    Unlike conventional full-spectrum technology on the market, the spectrum of SUNLIKE technology is closer to natural light to meet the needs of the human body. The natural spectrum is not only matched to the sun's light at a specific color temperature but also precisely matched to the color temperature of the sunlight at different times. In the longer color temperature range, the spectrum of the corresponding sunlight can be matched.